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Letitia Morris Gallery - Original Vintage Posters est 1993



1158 High Street

Armadale 3143

Melbourne Australia 


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Monday - Friday - 10am-4.10pm
Saturday - 10am-4pm
Sunday - 11am-4pm

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Letitia Morris Gallery



Letitia Morris Gallery at 1158 High Street has been importing original advertising posters to Australia since 1992 and introduced Melbournians to the works of iconic French artists such as Bernard Villemot, Rene Gruau, Raymond Savignac and Herve Morvan.

Technically and artistically beautiful, artists partnered with major brands to fund their pursuits but fought to overcome the commercial necessities that inhibited aesthetics. As a result the posters communicate primarily through visuals and mood, and have been said to be the foundation of modern concepts of  ‘branding’. 

“… our stock of over a thousand posters is amongst the ten best held by commercial galleries worldwide.”  – Gallery owner, Brett Ross.

Raymond Savignac

Raymond Savignac

Bernard Villemot

Bernard Villemot